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PIR Alarm with Remote

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  • : 24, Bangabondhu National Stadium, Dhaka-1000
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This wireless PIR motion detector alarm can protect and deter intruders in both your home, office, shop etc.
Built in PIR motion sensor and it will activate the alarm if any movement is detected.
Loud 105 db alarm, loud enough to remind you and alarm the intruders.
High sensitivity detection, 4-5m detect distance with 100° coverage, effectivily protect your home safety.
With mount bracket, simple to install on any surface, battery operated, no wiring required. (Recommend: The install high should be about 2m, and at an angle of 10°-30° with the wall.)

Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries (Not included); DC 6V Power Adapter (Not included)
Detection Distance: about 4-5m / 13-16ft
Detection Angle: 100°
Alarm Level: 105dB
Remote Control Distance: about 4-5m / 13-16ft
Alarm Time: Delay 5s alarm
Alarm Dimension: Approx. 121 x 87 x 50mm / 4.76" x 3.43" x 1.97"
Remote Controller Dimension: Approx. 60 x 35 x 15mm / 2.36" x 1.38" x 0.59"

How To Use:
1. Install the battery, press the button on the remote, you will heard a Beep sound from the alarm, and the green LED will light on for 15s.
2. During this 15s, the alarm is start to work, you need to leave detect area, after 15s the green light will off.
3. After the green light off, any one enter the detect area, the red light will on, and you have 5s to shut it down by remote controller, or it will give a 30-second harsh alarm sound.

Package Includes:
1 x Wireless PIR Alarm
1 x Mount Bracket
2 x Remote Controller

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Developed by : Shafiul Bashar