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Elitech RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger

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Elitech RC-5 USB Temperature Data Logger Recorder 32000 Points High Accuracy

This USB temperature data logger is mainly used for temperature recording during storage and ocean/air/highway transportation of foodstuff, medicine, chemicals and other products, especially widely used in all kinds of warehousing, logistics and cold chain, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks refrigerated package, cold storage, laboratory, etc. or in large-sized global supply chain businesses.

Multi-use Data Logger

Built-in high-precision temperature sensor

Up to 32,000 recording points

RC-5 only supports restart via Elitech software

RC-5+ supports restart by press button or software


Wide Temperature Range

Fast Response time

Temperature Range:-22?~158?



Technical Parameters

1. Sensor: Internal NTC thermal resistor, no external sensor supported

2. Communication interface: USB

3. Power supply: CR2032 battery

4. CE certificate

5. IP67 protection grade

6. Multiple use: data can be removed and start a new round by our software

7. Data could be queried, saved, printed and exported in Excel/PDF format.

8. Package Included: 1 x Elitech RC-5 Data Logger; 1 x CR2032 Battery; 1 x User Manual


Free Elitechlog Software for Windows&macOS

Firstly, please download and install the software instructed on the user manual.

Meanings of the Setting Parameters:

Log Clock: Not configurable. But the time will sync with that on the computer after our user click the Save Parameter button under the Parameter tab.

S/N: Not configurable.

Trip Description: Configurable. The info entered here will be shown on the report, it can be used to differentiate one logger from another.

Log interval: Configurable. Means how often our user want the logger to perform a reading, it can be 10S, 1minute or 1day.

Start Delay(H): Configurable. Means after you press the button on the logger, how long it would wait to officially start logging.

Press button: Configurable. Means after we press the triangle button for 4 seconds on the logger to start logging.

Temperature Unit: Configurable.Celsius or Fahrenheit.

High/Low limit: Configurable.The upper and lower alarming point you want to set.




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