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Egg Sausage Roll Maker

General Trade Enterprise

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  • : 24, Bangabondhu National Stadium, Dhaka-1000
  • : 01926501052
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Automatic Egg Roll Maker Machine Grilled Sausage cooker Machine Egg Roll Cooker Maker Omelette Cooker Sausage for Home Kitchen Breakfast and Dinner

Insulating at 200 °C, it will force the oil of the food to volatilize to the surface, effectively lowering the fat and removing oil, while locking the food moisture and nutrition, the fat content can be reduced by up to 80%, so that you can enjoy the delicious while not worrying about gaining weight.

This product quickly heats the air in the pot through the side heating device, making the food more evenly heated, crisp and delicious.

 The inner liner of this product is integrally stamped and formed using cold-rolled steel sheets for easy cleaning. The inner liner and top are made of food grade coating, which is scratch resistant and high temperature resistant.

Technical parameter
Net weight:1.85kg
Machine size:17*17*23.3cm
Inner diameter of the food inlet:3.2cm
Length of the food inlet:18cm

1.Insulation anti-hot: Internal insulation materials to enhance the insulation effect.
2.Waterproof panel: To avoid water entering when cleaning, also has dust-proof effect.
3.Removable bottom: Rotate the bottom plug to the slot anastomosis clockwise to remove it.

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