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Majestic Pasta & Noodles Maker

General Trade Enterprise

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  • : 24, Bangabondhu National Stadium, Dhaka-1000
  • : 01926501052
  • :

Electric Pasta Maker, Automatic Pasta Machine Multi-Functional Noodle Machine, Spaghetti Macaroni Maker

  • Automatically 3D Air Outlet: Cold air design at 3D cycle to prevent the noodle from sticking when they come out, cold air dried noodles,avoiding agglomeration,affecting appearance and taste.
  • Double Drum Design: kneads and extrudes in one go.While extruding noodle, you can add flour to the dough bucket and work in double barrels at the same time, which saves half the time.
  • Large capacity design?Can make flour at one time 500ML (two cups 300G), Knead dough to meet the needs of 5 people at a time. And vertically smooth as jade, refused to appear cross-section or broken surface phenomenon.
  • Simple and Smart Design: Although the noodle maker comes with various functions.But the size is designed to save your kitchen space.The operation is simple as well,choosing program and pressing the start button,the machine automatically mixes,kneads and extrudes in one go.Very convenient to free your hands.
  • 360° Rotation & Unique Stirring Bar: Knead dough in imitation of artificial front and back kneading.Strong kneading pressure 1200 times.With the uniquely designed stirring bar, which makes the noodle smooth after many rotatory squeezes.Featured with angled multi-pins, ensures the flour and liquid is mixed evenly and thoroughly from every corner in the mixing chamber.

Product Specifications:

Rated voltage?110-220V

Rated power?120W

Rated frequency?60Hz

Product weight: 10.36 LB

Present time?1-20mins

Product size: 300X200X320MM


Package content:

Six moulds



Measuring cups


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Developed by : Shafiul Bashar